Shanghai International Film Festival Report

Here is a brief report of 11th Shanghai International Film Festival, which took place between June 14th to the 22nd in Shanghai, China.

Okay, this was my first visit to China, and for some of my friends who accompanied me, it was their first travel to foreign country! But we found Shanghai a very exciting city.
Such a great opportunity to be able to travel overseas with friends together.

It was my pleasure that the film of mine and Yamagishi's was selected by SIFF.
Apparently it was the only "independent non-commercial film" in the "Panorama" section from Japan. ( There was another independent film called "Kei-Doro" in "Asia New Talent" Section.)

City of Shanghai
Looking down on the City of Shangai from "Oriental Pearl TV Tower".
Some of the buildings look familiar from "Mission Impossible 3".


Standing in front of "Peace Cinema". Located right next to "Renmin Guangchang" People's Park.


I was amazed by the number of audience who came to watch our film!
According to the record I received from SIFF, a little more than 1,000 tickets were sold during our 5 day screening. Thank you so much Shanghai!


We had an "Audience meet" after the last screening.


Photo of me and Yamagishi, being a little carried away.

We stayed 4 nights in Shanghai. It was a great experience to have our film screened outside of Japan.

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